SuperFluid Labs Overview

SuperFluid Labs is a data analytics company specializing in the research, development and deployment of cutting-edge innovative solutions for financial institutions and other enterprise clients to optimize operations and address the challenge of a scarcity of data-driven insights, financial tools and information available to consumers and businesses.

Our core capabilities span big data analytics, credit scoring, personal financial tracking and management solutions to consumers, and an analytics and aggregation platforms for enterprises to understand consumer transactional behaviour, offer relevant products and thus foster access to credit, insurance or other financial services. Our enterprise facing business intelligence platform will enable businesses to also derive rich, timely and actionable insights from their existing on-premise or hosted data stores.

Our team comprises world-class research scientists, consultants and operation managers from leading companies and institutions such as IBM Research, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, the Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Harvard University, Cornell University, University of Cambridge, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with expertise that spans financial technology, computer science, engineering, statistical analysis and project management. The team has also published papers, reports and patents in leading scientific journals, with professional associations including the ACCA, IEEE and IET.

SuperFluid Labs is a limited liability company registered in Kenya and Ghana with offices in Nairobi and Accra.

The Business Data Intelligence Advantage

I. Rising Importance of Analytics

As the cost of computing power has plummeted, and the prevalence of algorithmic analysis has skyrocketed, business analytics have become crucial to almost every aspect of almost every industry worldwide. Everything from manufacturing to public transportation is converting from mechanical to digital processes and interfaces, which is creating a massive divide within industries between the market leaders or up-and-comers with a digital infrastructure and a major competitive advantage, and the stalwarts still conducting business “mechanically”. Furthermore, there is an additional divide being created between those companies who utilize business intelligence analytics, and those who don’t. Analytics allows for companies, and in particular financial organisations like insurance companies to understand, in real time, the effects of every financial decision for any given customer on the organisation as a whole, and learn what trends are rippling through the client population. This in-depth, real-time knowledge provides insights that used to be discovered months after the fact, but that can drive significant volumes of untapped product usage by guiding the organisation which services and products to offer and advertise at any given point.

II. Business Intelligence is the Key to Unlock Massive Growth

While analytics platforms in general provide incredible insights that have never been seen before, the Business Intelligence (BI) analytics platform layers on an additional suite of capabilities that provides an incredible view not just of client data and interaction within the financial services organisation, but much more broadly throughout a client’s life. Utilizing the BI capabilities, a financial services organisation can not only understand trends in services delivery in real-time, but it can also understand how other life decisions and local events impact a specific client, or an entire client population, in real-time, providing the enterprise with foresight to offer services, products, and other tools to clients before they even ask. This incredible ability to understand the client-base mindset in real-time provides companies, and banks, with the opportunity to unlock massive growth across all sectors – even growth that previously wasn’t even thought possible in “saturated” markets. Understanding the client on such a personal level is something that hasn’t been seen since the days of small-town personal bankers who would often have dinner or live next to their clients. However, being able to have such insight and BI across an entire client base of millions of users was completely unheard of – until now.

III. Value of Customer Insights and Analytics

Precise and timely customer insights are crucial if enterprises are to gain access to in-depth, highly personalized customer data by merging several data silos into a streamlined, central repository. This allows real-time customer scoring to enable financial organisations compare individuals with broader customer segments, defined by them, to identify key trends and make smarter decisions, based on these trends. Digitally savvy consumers know there’s an abundance of choices when it comes to purchases. With high expectations, most will seek out most relevant and impactful content with little regard to brand loyalty. Churn and attrition are at an all-time high. The response for organizations sounds simple enough: Provide a consistently good, engaging customer experience, optimize it on a variety of products/services and deliver to meet the needs of the customer. By taking advantage of Business intelligence systems, marketing processes can be synchronised with the customer journey across multiple channels. This can help organizations achieve great results – in terms of revenue, customer advocacy and loyalty.

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