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SuperFluid Labs is based on the premise that improved consumer financial management tools and business analytics will be transformational in emerging markets like Africa. Through analysis of traditional and alternative data streams, we create digital customer profiles to expand access to financial services, while revealing consumer behaviour insights to organizations.

To help businesses and financial institutions adapt to the changing technology landscape and leverage data and analytics we offer consulting services, research and development as well as customised deployments of existing SuperFluid Labs’ technology assets. These capabilities are further described below.

1. Consulting Services

SuperFluid Labs provides consulting services leveraging our expertise in technology, analytics and management consulting to help organizations unleash the power of data and analytics to transform their businesses. We help organizations use digital technologies to deliver more meaningful and relevant customer experiences across all channels and customer segments, assist the creation of new products and services, which improving the key business drivers of revenue and profit growth.

2. Research and Development

SuperFluid Labs excels in providing research and development services to create solutions that address technical and operational challenges faced by organizations. SuperFluid Labs develops rapid prototypes, builds custom software and apps, and implements developed solutions on organization’s existing or preferred technology platforms. These can be bespoke state-of-the-art solutions specific to infrastructural and operational requirements, or industry-standard solutions and capabilities employed by other organizations. SuperFluid Labs’ scientists and consultants build and maintain advanced data models that allow organizations to generate insights and make better, faster decisions while staying ahead of the competitive curve.

3. Platforms and Technology Assets

SuperFluid Labs also continues to develop software products, platforms and other assets to facilitate the capture and analysis of data pertaining to customer financial behaviour, the tracking of business KPIs and rapid analysis of on-premise and external datasets. Examples of our assets and solutions include:


a personal financial management and tracking mobile app for end users. It is also available as a white label product that can be customized and deployed by individual financial institutions and enterprises. More products...


a highly customizable business intelligence and analytics platform that seamlessly explores, analyses and tracks pre-defined KPIs, while also extracting new business insights from existing enterprise databases augmented by third-party data stores. The insights are presented on an intuitive dashboard. More products...


a rich web or mobile dashboard that allows various stakeholders within the enterprise to obtain a holistic view of your customers (Customer 360°). This is achieved by tapping into both the proprietary data that the various business units collect on customers, as well as rich external sources, such as the public web, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), and third-party services such as mobile money or utilities. More products...


a field data collection, survey and analytics mobile application that allows enterprises, NGOs, marketers and other organisations to seamlessly design data collection tasks, assign these to targeted field agents and collect and analyse insights in real-time. More products...

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