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The Data And Business Analytics Advantage

Applying Insights Gained from Business and Customer Data to
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Who We Are

SuperFluid Labs is a data analytics consulting firm that empowers financial institutions to grow capacity, develop digital platforms and new customer solutions driven by data analytics, machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our vision is to unlock future potential for businesses today through the power of data.

We deliver value through consulting services, training and skills enablement, as well as the development and deployment of cutting-edge innovative solutions for financial institutions and other enterprise clients to optimize operations and address the challenge of scarcity of data-driven insights. Our clients range from Banks, Savings and Loans companies, MFIs, Insurance companies, Fintech start-ups and small businesses.

Why Data and Why Now?

In today’s digital world, we are constantly connected, and every distinct communication of information is recorded as ‘data’. With the enormous volumes of digital data, commonly known as Big Data, the plummeting cost of technologies, combined with the prevalence of algorithmic analysis, business analytics has become both essential and key source of competitive advantage to every aspect of industries worldwide. ‘Analytics’ seems to be pervading all facets of life, both socially and in business. An organization not leveraging on Data Analytics to drive strategic growth in decisions will inadvertently be marginalized or at worse become obsolete. Employing Data and Analytics has therefore become an imperative for all aspects of business success.

Why you need Capacity Building in Data Analytics

  • Accelerate growth from customer and business insights for product and service innovation.
  • Improve risk control and detect fraud.
  • Discover new revenue sources with innovations.
  • Improve operational and personnel efficiency.
  • Improve marketing and advertisements with targeted campaigns and optimization.

  • Data is the new oil, you have it already, learn how to identify, analyze and unlock this valuable resource for business growth and competitive advantage

    Session Agenda

    Our training curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics, Big Data and Machine-Learning.
  • Business Intelligence & Data-Driven Banking / Financial Services Provision.
  • Identifying, Collecting and Managing Relevant Business Data
  • Deriving Insights from Business Data.
  • Introduction to Digital Credit Products and Digital Credit Scoring.
  • Application of Data Analytics for Innovation, Cost Efficiency, Customer Experience and Revenue Growth (Case Studies)
  • Developing an Effective Data Strategy
  • Who Should Attend?

    This seminar provides valuable insights for professionals within organizations managing:

  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Operations and Cash Management
  • Electronic Banking
  • Contact Centers and Business Support
  • Information Technology
  • Communication and Brand Management
  • Customer Service and Experience
  • Financial Control and Accounting
  • Product Development and Innovations
  • Learning Outcomes

    Our training encompasses case studies and hands-on exercises to deepen the knowledge and skills of participants in data-analytics and data-driven innovation. Our holistic data analytics training will equip participants with deeper understanding of the subject and its application in daily job schedules.

    Participants will be empowered with the needed skills to make strategic and tactical data driven decisions for increased business value imperative for today’s businesses to survive. Participants will also be awarded with certificates upon completion.

    Training Options and Fees


    To register, kindly email the following details to or call +233 0202 339416 / +233 0551341761

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    Learning Outcomes

    Data driven decisions is not the preserve of the selected industry giants, equipping all staff to with holistic capabilities is imperative in the current data copious era to enable continuous value creation and greater competitive advantage. Register today to harness the power of data for your business.

    For further enquiries, kindly contact as via email at or give us a call +233 202 339416 or 233 0551341761